Monday, October 4, 2010

Round-Up Sunday Project #1

This Sunday at our church we had our annual "Round-Up Sunday." This is a Western themed Sunday we have every fall to "round-up" all the people who may have strayed over the summer due to vacations, heat, etc. It's a fun day had by all with everyone dressed up, a big cowboy style dinner, and games for the kids. I especially love seeing all the little kids dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls!
One of my good friends had a little girl in January wanted a dress for her, but couldn't find one anywhere, so I offered to make one!

This little pillowcase dress is what I came up with in the short time I had! 

This cute navy blue western paisley patterned fabric made up the body of the dress, and I finished it off with an eyelet lace and red paisley ribbon.

Red ribbon with a white stitching design became the ties on the shoulders.

I couldn't stop there! I used some of the red ribbon to make a headband, and some fabric and ribbon scraps to make a matching flower.  Little Ellie looked adorable on Sunday! And I'm still kicking myself for forgetting my camera!

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