Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Preview - Canvas Satchel

Fall has finally arrived!! Here in the Arizona desert, the temperatures haven't cooled down yet; leaves aren't changing, and it still feels like summer! However, this has not dampened my spirits! I am just excited about fall as if I could walk outside and see the trees putting on their coats of red and gold, and feel the brisk air! Okay, that was kind of poetic, so moving on!

This large canvas satchel is another bag I designed and created! The colors and pattern of the fabric reminds me of fall, and the large size makes me want to load up my coupons and lists, and head to do some early Christmas shopping!

The bag is made out of a sturdy canvas upholstery material, and features large wooden handles, grommets on the side tied with a suede cord, pleated design on the front and back, large shape, and a zipper and open pocket on the inside!