Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Color Inspiring Pets!

I am so excited because last night my husband and I got our first pets! We brought home two beautiful Betta fish! I am very excited to have a pet again, plus now I have company while my husband is gone all day at work! I was trying to capture their amazing colors on the pictures, but it wasn't working very well!

We got a male that has gorgeous turquoise, emerald, and red colors, and a female with orange, bronze, and red colors with fins that have indigo tips! I'm all about color, so I had to have the prettiest, most colorful fish in the store! I'm having a hard time choosing names, because I want names that are descriptive of their beautiful colors. I would love any suggestions! These are my first Betta fish, so hopefully I will be able to keep them happy and healthy for a long time!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Celebrating Independence Day!!

This Fourth of July was one I really looked forward to, since it was the first one with my husband!! Since my husband had Friday and Saturday off work, we decided to drive an hour and a half north and get out of the intense Phoenix heat! (unfortunately our plan didn't really work, because it was still hot!) Since this trip was rather last minute, and the Prescott area is a very popular getaway on the 4th weekend, we couldn't find a hotel! I decided to give my husband one of his wishes, and volunteered to make the weekend our first camping trip! I had never gone camping before, so this experience kind of scared me! We camped at a lake and it was a blast! We spent the entire day on the lake fishing, canoeing, and trying to out-run random thunderstorms! The day was fun even though we didn't catch any fish, had to hide among rocks when a storm picked up, and I got seriously sunburned! I'm sure we will have plenty of stories to tell our kids someday from our first camping trip! We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had a great time together!

Saturday morning our friends drove up and we went kayaking, which was another fun experience since I was the only one who had kayaked before! After loading up the campsite, we headed into downtown Prescott where there was a large arts and crafts show. This, of course, was the part of the weekend I was looking forward to! We walked around the craft show and antique shops for a few hours, and I got so inspired to go home and sew again! It was definitely the creative inspiration I needed! We walked until we couldn't anymore, then drove back to Phoenix and had dinner with our friends. A beautiful fireworks show ended our first Fourth of July together! A camping trip for my husband, craft show for me, and spending time together and with our best friends made for a great weekend! Now back to the sewing machine....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Purple Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag

This was one of my recent custom orders. I have actually made several of these, in different fabrics and with different letters. This cosmetic bag was custom made for a woman's mother-in-law that loves anything purple! I chose a lovely lilac fabric with a subtle floral print, and contrasted it with a dark purple fabric that has a slight tye-dye look. The lining of the bag is a lilac cotton. A matching zipper tops the bag off and keeps everything securely inside. These personalized cosmetic bags make a special and unique gift for any girl, including yourself!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seeing Black and White

I haven't posted a blog in a few days because I have been working a rather unique project. Our church is having VBS this summer with a Nascar/racing theme, so I am making a huge black and white checkered flag right now. I have to sew together around 166 black and white squares! Hopefully I will get it finished before the weekend so I can get back to more interesting, creative things!

The most recent fun thing I made was a camera case for my mom. She left with my dad and little brother on vacation yesterday, and took the case with her before I could get pictures taken. I will post pictures of the case as soon as she gets home on Monday. I had a lot of fun with different colored threads and stitching designs on this project, and I'm looking forward to sharing it!

I have a few other custom orders that I've done that I will post on here as soon as possible! For now, I need to check my laundry and go sew more squares together... This flag has definately made me appreciate working with cute, colorful fabric!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flower Power Diaper Bag

This fun, retro floral diaper bag definately gives a whole new meaning to "a baby with style!"

Made from a fun aqua blue, yellow, and brown color schemed floral fabric, this diaper bag is sure to pop! Coordinating yellow with aqua blue circle themed fabric for the handles, edge of exterior pockets, and closure flap add visual interest. This diaper bag combines style with function. The exterior of the bag features a pocket on each side - a gathered pocket with elastic top, and a flat pocket perfect for diapers or wipes. The front has a small pocket between the straps that is perfect for mom to drop her keys or cell phone into when her hands are tied up handling baby and a thousand other things moms have to juggle at once! The handles are wide and padded for comfort. The bag features an open-top design that is very convenient to be able to drop things into when your hands are full. A strap with a magnetic snap closes the bag. The entire diaper bag is interfaced with a soft fleece to give it a soft, plush baby look, while adding to the durability. The lining of this diaper bag is a pretty aqua blue fabric that has tiny chocolate brown dots. It coordinates perfectly with the outside fabric! The lining has a long pocket on one side that is gathered with an elastic top to keep things organized.

This cute diaper bag is perfect for any baby girl and mom who want to have a style that is all their own!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Color and Print Controversy

When it comes to choosing a handbag, I tend to determine what bag to carry based on each outfit. In this post, I want to encourage you to look at choosing a handbag with a whole new perspective! Many people look at a colorful, printed bag and think, "What would I wear with that?" There are endless outfits that you can carry a printed bag with. If you're a little scared of diving into big florals and bright stripes when you normally carry a plain black purse, start off with a more subtle print or color. For a subtle look, try this: Pair a solid top with a solid or subtle printed pant or skirt. Add a pair of adorable flats or pumps and you have a classy, chic look. Now, to add a punch of color, add a colorful floral or stripe bag. Suddenly your classy, but simple look is transformed just by adding a colorful or printed bag that makes your entire outfit pop! With so many modern prints popular today, you can defiantly pull off a printed purse with a printed top, if they compliment each other. There are endless options in printed bags, from subtle prints, to classy damasks that work great for a professional look, to fun summery prints that go perfect with a cute skirt and sandals. So this summer, I urge you, enjoy the season! Don't be afraid of colorful or printed bags; they do match so many outfits! Play around with different color and print combinations. The possibilities truly are endless...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Special Occasion Handbag

Need a an elegant little handbag to carry with your special outfit, but want something larger than a clutch? This bag is the perfect alternative! It is made out of an elegant black sheer material that has a light grey flower pattern. The sheer material is laid over a black cotton for support. The entire bag is lined in a soft black georgette. There is an open pocket on the interior to contain small items. Satin black ribbon connects the silver wire handles to the bag. This small square handbag is the perfect accessory that has both a classic and modern touch. It is versatile enough to go with a dressy outfit, or a classy suit. This bag was made for a friend, but you too can have an elegant, one-of-a-kind handbag that is the perfect accessory for your special outfit!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Custom Made Diaper Bag for Baby Boy

This custom diaper bag is far from the ordinary! It was custom made for a friend's baby shower. She's expecting a little boy, so I used a fun blue, green, and brown stripe cotton for the body of the bag. Chocolate brown accents help to break up the stripe and add some visual interest. The bottom of the bag is the chocolate brown to help avoid dirt showing. Both the flap on the side cargo pocket, as well as the shoulder strap pad are also made from the chocolate brown cotton. The entire bag is fully lined with a soft green/blue cotton, and interfaced with a soft fleece. This is a messenger style diaper bag. The front flap features a brown and blue stripe ribbon across the front. Each side of the diaper bag has a pocket; a cargo pocket on the left side, and an elastic pocket on the right. The inside of the diaper bag features a long open pocket, and a long divided pocket that has elastic on the top to keep everything secure. There is a pocket on the front of the bag under the flap as well. All these pockets are sure to keep baby's things organized! This one-of-a-kind diaper bag truly does combine function with style to create a bag that is sure to stand out wherever mom and baby go! Feel free to contact me about the one-of-a-kind baby bag you would like made just for you and your little one!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Welcome to the blog of Bellarageous' Handcrafting Sewing Creations! My name is Sarah, and I started this home based business April of '08. My love for design, creativity, and sewing inspired me to start this business. I design and make all items myself. At Bellarageous, you will find unique, one-of-a-kind bags, purses, and other accessories. Each item is sewn with the utmost care and quality. I also make baby bags, and have dozens of matching accessories to choose from. I love making custom orders, and will happily work with anyone to create and accessory custom made for them, to meet all their desires and needs. I will be posting my work, but sold and currently for sale, as well as keeping you up to date on any sales, events, or new items Bellarageous is introducing. Thanks for stopping by! Questions, comments, and ideas are welcome!