Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Color Inspiring Pets!

I am so excited because last night my husband and I got our first pets! We brought home two beautiful Betta fish! I am very excited to have a pet again, plus now I have company while my husband is gone all day at work! I was trying to capture their amazing colors on the pictures, but it wasn't working very well!

We got a male that has gorgeous turquoise, emerald, and red colors, and a female with orange, bronze, and red colors with fins that have indigo tips! I'm all about color, so I had to have the prettiest, most colorful fish in the store! I'm having a hard time choosing names, because I want names that are descriptive of their beautiful colors. I would love any suggestions! These are my first Betta fish, so hopefully I will be able to keep them happy and healthy for a long time!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Celebrating Independence Day!!

This Fourth of July was one I really looked forward to, since it was the first one with my husband!! Since my husband had Friday and Saturday off work, we decided to drive an hour and a half north and get out of the intense Phoenix heat! (unfortunately our plan didn't really work, because it was still hot!) Since this trip was rather last minute, and the Prescott area is a very popular getaway on the 4th weekend, we couldn't find a hotel! I decided to give my husband one of his wishes, and volunteered to make the weekend our first camping trip! I had never gone camping before, so this experience kind of scared me! We camped at a lake and it was a blast! We spent the entire day on the lake fishing, canoeing, and trying to out-run random thunderstorms! The day was fun even though we didn't catch any fish, had to hide among rocks when a storm picked up, and I got seriously sunburned! I'm sure we will have plenty of stories to tell our kids someday from our first camping trip! We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had a great time together!

Saturday morning our friends drove up and we went kayaking, which was another fun experience since I was the only one who had kayaked before! After loading up the campsite, we headed into downtown Prescott where there was a large arts and crafts show. This, of course, was the part of the weekend I was looking forward to! We walked around the craft show and antique shops for a few hours, and I got so inspired to go home and sew again! It was definitely the creative inspiration I needed! We walked until we couldn't anymore, then drove back to Phoenix and had dinner with our friends. A beautiful fireworks show ended our first Fourth of July together! A camping trip for my husband, craft show for me, and spending time together and with our best friends made for a great weekend! Now back to the sewing machine....