Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Marketing Handmade Items this Holiday Season

Fall has arrived, and winter will soon be approaching. The promise of joyous holidays spent with family and friends awaits, and people everywhere are pulling out their warm clothes and mugs of hot apple cider. This time of the year is busy, and gift giving is one every one's mind. Everyone wants to find that perfect gift for each person; something unique, different, and screams "I put time into this gift." However, the reality of the economy this year has left every in a deal-seeking mood. This is both a perfect opportunity, and a tremendous challenge to every artist that creates handmade things. Whether you've been in a business for awhile, or toying with the idea of possibly marketing that item you make that everyone always says, "You should totally try to sell that!", pricing, marketing, and finding a balance between perceived and actual value can definitely be a challenge. Don't be overwhelmed! There's a bounty of advice available from people who have been there, done that, and succeeded as well as failed. Don't fear failure; failure is how you learn! At least that's what I tell myself every day!

I wanted to share a link with you. It has a wealth of information, tips, and instruction for marketing, pricing, and running your own handmade business. Because face it: we all want to design, create, and inspire others, but few want to market, price, promote, and manage the business aspect of things. I know I don't! But reality has reared it's ugly head, and we had better get on top of things now! This time of year brims with people wanting and willing to spend money; so get on top of your marketing strategy, develop product lines they will want to buy, and make some money this holiday season! It is possible.

I had a difficult time choosing specific topics, so here is the link for the marketing page; I recommend reading as much as you can!

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