Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Button Clock Tutorial

My first creative project for my sewing room is finished! I found a large decorative red button at JoAnn, and as cute as it was on its own, I wanted to add something more! I really needed a clock in my sewing room, and I figured this would be perfect!
This tutorial will share how I turned this button into a clock, but if you can't find a button, there's plenty of other creative options! There's always lots of fun things in the wood crafting section of your local craft store; with some paint, fabric, and a clock kit, the options are limitless!

First I bought the large red button (about 12" across) from JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts,  and a standard clock kit from Michaels.  I apologize for forgetting to take a picture of the supplies before I started.

First, measure the size of the cylinder on the clock that needs to pop through. I started out small, and drilled it out until the hole was large enough.

Then I drilled the hole. I actually took the picture in my sewing room, but drilled the hole in my garage because I didn't really want a mess all over my sewing counter! (Sorry the picture won't flip; I drilled it flat)

Then I inserted the clock mechanism. However, because of the holes in my button, you could see the clock mechanism through the holes.

So I found a piece of paper that matched my wall color, cut out a hole in the center the same size as the hole I drilled, and taped it on to the back.

Now when you look at the button on the wall, you don't see the clock mechanism, and it looks like it's hanging right on the wall.

I then inserted the clock mechanism and attached the hands.

Simply add a battery and it's finished! 

I can't wait to see what it will look like on my wall!

This really was a quick and easy project! With some creativity and a few tools, you too can make this clock or something similar. Don't settle for an ordinary clock in your creative space, make something beautiful and outrageous!


  1. Oh, wow- this is a great idea!!!!!

  2. so I'm sooo going to have to see your pics of the sewing room when it's done! Mine is just getting started and the carpet is finally ripped out and looking for some creative ideas! :)