Thursday, April 14, 2011

A great tip from a great blog!

Okay so here is a perfect example of why I love blogs! I am always inspired by everyone's creativity, and I love tips like the one I'm going to share today!

Ruffles and Stuff is a wonderful blog that I highly suggest following! The post today was so helpful to me I just had to share!

I may be the only one with this problem, but when it comes to taking pictures of aprons or clothes on people, I have the biggest issue with creating a nice, clean backdrop. Since I live in the desert and my backyard is a lovely backdrop of block walls, it's hard to find a professional, clean background to my photos! I can hardly wait to try this idea!

Your simple project starts with these:
Yes, those are shower curtain rings!

Go HERE to Ruffles and Lace to learn how to create this:

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